Task 44
Task 44
SHC Task 44

Solar and Heat Pump Systems

Solar and Heat Pump Systems

The Task aims at optimizing combinations of solar thermal energy and heat pump, primarily for one family houses.

The following items are in focus:

  • Small-scale residential heating and hot water systems that use heat pumps and any type of solar thermal collectors as the main components.
  • Systems offered as one product from a system supplier/manufacturer and that are installed by an installer.
  • Electrically driven heat pumps, but during the development of performance assessment methods thermally driven heat pumps will not be excluded.
  • Market available solutions and advanced solutions (produced during the course of the Task).
Task Information

January 2010December 2013

Mr. Jean-Christophe Hadorn
+ 41 22 840 20 80 fax: +41 22 840 20 81