Task 44
Task 44
SHC Task 44

Solar and Heat Pump Systems

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International Energy Agency

  • Solar Heating and Cooling Programme

    The Solar Heating and Cooling Programme was established in 1977, one of the first programmes of the International Energy Agency. The Programme's work is unique in that it is accomplished through the international collaborative effort of experts from Member countries and the European Commission.
  • IEA Heat Pump Centre (HPC)

    HPC is the central information activity of the IEA Heat Pump Programme (HPP). HPP operates under the International Energy Agency (IEA) and its participants in different countries cooperate in projects.
  • International Energy Agency (IEA)

    The International Energy Agency (IEA) is an intergovernmental organisation which acts as energy policy advisor to 28 member countries in their effort to ensure reliable, affordable and clean energy for their citizens. 

Research Institutes

Industry Partners

EU Projects

  • IEE QAIST: http://www.qaist.org/
    The practical approach to quality assurance in solar thermal heating and cooling technology with regards to components and systems is standardisation and testing. It is very important for growth and development that the standards and test methods keep track with recent developments and allow maximum flexibility for future innovations.
  • IEE SEPEMO: http://www.sepemo.eu/about-sepemo
    The project aims at overcoming market barriers to a wider application of heat pumps, namely the lack of robust data on the conditions "in real installations" influencing reliability and seasonal efficiency.
  • IEA related projects
    IEA-SHC Task 38: http://www.iea-shc.org/task38/
    The scope of the Task is the technologies for production of cold water or conditioned air by means of solar heat, i.e. the subject which is covered by the Task starts with the solar radiation reaching the collector and ends with the chilled water and/or conditioned air transferred to the application.
  • IEA  Annex 34: http://www.annex34.org/
    The goal of Annex 34 is to reduce the environmental impact of heating and cooling by the use of thermally driven heat pumps. It will be based on the results from Annex 24, "Absorption Machines for Heating and Cooling in Future Energy Systems", and cooperate with the IEA-SHC task 38, "Solar Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration".